Mon Amour


Vanilla Swiss Roll
Tegral Sponge 500
Eggs 500
Water 125
Oil 125
Food Color Red
Vanilla Swiss Roll total 1250
Strawberry cream filling & red glace
Ambiante 400
Vivafil 300 Vivafil Strawberry
Glasse 300 Glassé Strawberry
Strawberry cream filling & red glace total 1000

PROCEDURE: Vanilla Swiss Roll
  • Mix all the ingredients  except oil, mix at low speed 3 minutes , then shift at high speed for 4 minutes with the use of whisk attachment. Shift again to low speed then gradually add the oil for 30 minute.
  • Divide batter in a (2) 12x16x1 jelly roll pan. Bake at 180°C for 8 minutes. Let Cool

PROCEDURE: Strawberry cream filling & red glace
  • Whip the chilled Ambiante using wire whisk attachment at medium speed for 4-5 min.
  • Spread the Vivafil Strawberry on the vanilla swiss roll and followed by whipped Ambiante on top.
  • Carefully roll the vanilla sponge with strawberry cream filling.  Freeze for 30 min- 1hr.
  • Pour the Strawberry Glasse on top of frozen swiss roll. Garnish with fresh strawberries (optional) or  Carat chocolate decorations.