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S500 Clean Label
A high-quality clean(er) label multi-purpose improver that guarantees great volume, dough tolerance and freshness, even under very challenging conditions. S500 is highly versatile; you only need one improver for all types of yeast-raised baked goods applications.
Cremfil Bavarian Crème
Ready to use, Bavarian filling.
A whippable topping excellent for cake decoration with an exceptional overrun; plant-based.
O-tentic Durum
Based on natural fermentation, O-tentic Durum is the start of exceptional breads full of taste, flavor and texture.
Intens Egg Replacer
Intens Egg Replacer helps to replace eggs in yeast raised goods without any impact on dough rheology, appearance, texture, or taste. Even allows to reduce total egg cost!
Sunset Glaze
A direct substitute for egg glaze, made from a blend of skimmed milk and vegetable fat (clean label)
Intens Puraslim
Reduce the cost in your bread with the modular ingredient that partially replaces the fat in your recipe.
Topfil Smooth Mango 35%
Fruit topping prepared with 35% of the ripest real Philippine Carabao mangoes for fresh or frozen fine patisserie products.
Easy Puravita Wholemeal
A bakery mix that lets you bake best-in-class breads with wholegrains and seeds. Puravita breads have a great taste, craft look and an improved nutritional profile.
Easy Puravita Rye
Embracing the latest desire of consumers for authenticity and naturalness, Puravita offers vitality by bringing the taste, wellbeing and satisfaction only grains and seeds can offer.
Carat Coverlux Dark RMB
Carat Coverlux Dark RMB is a dark compound chocolate made from 100% certified responsibly sourced palm oil with a silky texture and taste. Delicious chocolate taste while also being easy and quick to use.
Belcolade Grains
Bake stable, real, dark chocolate grains for cookies, muffin, cakes, etc.
Easy Ensaymada Lite
Easy Ensaymada Lite is a 10% bread concentrate for easy preparation of sweet dough breads

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