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Delight consumers with the world's best-loved bakery fillings and fillings for cake. Explore this website to discover great tasting, high-performance fillings. There are delicious fruit fillings, as well as popular chocolate, nut and cream fillings to suit your applications and processes. You will also find ideas, innovations and practical ways to add value to your business.

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Be a pioneer in your market with interesting and on-trend pastry fillings and fillings for cake that match your ambitions.


Silky-smooth cream fillings popular with bakeries and patisseries include vanilla, chocolate, caramel, dulce de leche, nuts, speculoos, lemon cream and cream cheese. Each filling delivers a beautifully creamy sensation.


Fruit fillings bring nature's rainbow of colours and flavours. Instead of cultivated berries, Puratos chooses wild berries, which give you a richer and fuller flavour. Discover Nordic berries like lingonberries, which are high in antioxidants and sometimes called 'super fruits.

Chocolate & Nuts

Great taste lies at the heart of every stage of chocolate filling development: from our careful selection of cocoa powders to the incorporation of real Belgian chocolate.



Cremfil Classic

Custard cream mixes, Fillings

Recognised by many leading equipment manufacturers as the most reliable cream filling, Cremfil offers outstanding stability during pumping, baking and freezing. These ready-to-use fillings combine technical excellence with taste and long shelf life. A favourite bakery filling enjoyed in over 25 countries.


Custard cream mixes, Fillings

Cremyvit is a complete mix for cold preparation of bake and freeze stable custard cream

Belcolade Blanc Selection

Ganaches, Real Belgian Chocolate, Glazes, Real Chocolate, Icings & fudges, Fillings

Standard white Belgian Chocolate

Carat Coverlux Dark

Mousse and bavarois mixes, Ganaches, Fillings, Compound Chocolate

Chocolate coating based on vegetable fats with medium viscosity for enrobing and moulding applications


Fillings, Glazes

Glasse is a ready to use fruit filling and topping for cakes and breads, can be used as piping jelly

Cremfil Ultim Chocolate

Ganaches, Fillings

Ready to use bake and freeze stable chocolate filling

Carat Ganache

Ganaches, Compound Chocolate, Cake and sponge mixes, Icings & fudges, Fillings

Ready to use chocolate ganache. Perfect for filling & enrobing.

Cremfil Silk Salted Egg Yema

Patisserie, Fillings

Ready to use salted egg with yema filling

Industrial Patisserie Competence Center

The IPCC offers industrial patissiers a fully-equipped test centre dedicated to technological innovation and process optimisation.


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Innovation Center

Providing our customers with access to the very latest industry equipment, expertise and training, as well as in-depth research into international trends.


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