Savor the Rich Taste of Expertly Crafted Chocolate

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting to explore your passion for chocolate, we're here to help you elevate your craft. From high-quality real Belgian chocolate to our unique praliné flavors, we have the perfect ingredients to take your creations to the next level. So why wait? Discover the rich taste of our solutions and experiment with the newest innovations.

Indulge the true essence of chocolate: the rich flavor of Real Belgian Chocolate
Belcolade Noir Selection Cacao-Trace 55%
Standard dark chocolate droplets with 55.7% of cocoa mass which offers a perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness.
Belcolade Noir Selection Cacao-Trace 65%
Balanced dark chocolate with 65% cacao mass and intense long lasting cocoa flavour, with a fresh fruity note & a slightly roasted cocoa taste
Belcolade Noir Supreme
A 70% dark chocolate with a strong bitter cocoa taste and a pleasant citrus note.
Belcolade Lait Selection Cacao-Trace 35%
A 35% cocoa milk chocolate with a perfect balance between sweetness, cocoa and milk. Famous for its versatility, this sustainable chocolate will guarantee great tasting results for your patisserie and chocolate applications.
Belcolade Origin Lait Venezuela
Milk chocolate droplets with 43% cocoa mass that has a strong cocoa taste with an overall impression of roasted beans, the result of strong nut accent combined with vanilla and caramel.
Belcolade Blanc Selection Cacao-Trace 28%
A balanced white chocolate (28%) with tones of vanilla and cooked milk. Famous for its versatility, this sustainable chocolate will guarantee great tasting results for your patisserie and chocolate applications.
Belcolade Chocolate Sticks Cacao-Trace 28%
Available in 2 sizes (8 and 36 cm) with 44% cocoa, these bake stable Belcolade Selection Noir Belcostick Cacao-Trace are made with sustainable chocolate which ensures they have a delicious taste.
Belcolade Grains
Bake stable, real, dark chocolate grains for cookies, muffin, cakes, etc.
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Delight your customers with real chocolate tailored to local taste
Chocolanté Philippines 62%
Real Chocolate made from Philippine Cacao. The finest cocoa beans are carefully selected to make pure Chocolanté chocolate, and its undeniable, wonderful taste, tailored to suit local tastes.
Re-invent your chocolate applications with unmatched taste profiles
Carat Coverlux White
White compound chocolate with distinct and delicate taste. Quick and very easy to use.
Carat Coverlux Milk
Compound coating with excellent taste profile and mouthfeel. Extremely versatile, may be used for similar applications as real chocolate, including laminated items, patisserie and chocolate confectionary.
Carat Coverlux Dark
Chocolate coating based on vegetable fats with medium viscosity for enrobing and moulding applications
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Discover our sustainable cocoa program

Cacao Trace

A sustainable cocoa sourcing programme that focuses on better tasting chocolate, and in the process creates value from farmer to consumer.

  • highest quality beans 
  • fermented and dried according to strict guidelines
  • expert fermenters monitor and improve the fermentation process
  • € 0.10 per kilo of chocolate sold, goes directly back to the cocoa farming communities



Experience the creamy texture and rich, milk-alike flavore of a plant-based chocolate like no other. Made from sustainably sourced cocoa for superior flavor and better lives for farmers.

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"The different ranges of Belcolade makes it easy for me to serve all my customers! I use the Selection range to create recipes that are appealing to all of my customers. My signature creations are made with So’Choc of the Expression range. A taste profile I've never encountered before! What truly sets Puratos apart for me is their commitment to sustainability. I'm happy to create unique recipes that contribute to a better world!"

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Meet our cocoa farmers

100% of the CHOCOLATE BONUS is allocated to the social, economic, and environmental development of our cocoa farming communities involved in the Cacao-Trace program. We aim to improve the standard of living for cacao farmers.

Meet our cocoa farmers