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Puratos products distinguish themselves through consistent quality and taste, a taste that can be perfectly tailored to suit local preferences. Using advanced analysis tools such as the Sensobus – a mobile sensory analysis lab that tests consumer preferences worldwide – Puratos guarantees that Chocolanté can match your local requirements wherever you are in the world. It’s the global yardstick for how real chocolate should really taste.

  • Real chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans
  • Adapted to suit any local tastes and requirements

Backed by a rich history of innovation, expertise and an unwavering passion for chocolate, Puratos guarantees the highest quality at all times. Our traditional tried-and-tested way of mixing and refining the chocolate, paired with the finest raw materials, ensures the satisfaction of even your most demanding customers.

Customer advantages
  • Only available to professionals
  • Tailored to suit local preferences
  • Added-value chocolate solutions
  • Unique products born of continuous innovation
  • Sustainable Solutions
Consumer advantages
  • The best tasting real chocolate
  • A consistent quality
  • Sustainable solutions

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Carat Coverlux Milk

Compound chocolate coating based on vegetable fats with medium viscosity for enrobing and molding application in droplets form.

Belcolade Noir Selection

Standard dark chocolate droplets with 55.7% of cocoa mass which offers a perfect balance between bitternes and sweetness

Belcolade Noir Sugar Free

Sugar free dark chocolate droplets with 55.7% cocoa mass in block form

Belcolade Lait Selection

Standard milk chocolate droplets with pleasant cocoa taste and sensation of honey.

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