Elevate Patisserie Sales in Summer with Mango Cake Innovations

Every Patisserie creation has a story to tell

The Philippine mango holds a special place as the country's national fruit, cherished by Filipinos in various forms - from its juicy flesh enjoyed fresh to its flavorful presence in ice creams, pastries, and other delectable treats. Renowned globally, the Philippine mango, has even earned a spot in the 1995 Guinness Book of World Records as the sweetest mango in the world, a distinction that has since been contested by other regional varieties. Embrace the allure of this iconic fruit to revitalize your cakes and elevate your creations this summer season. Prepare to embark on a journey of delightful flavors and unforgettable culinary experiences.


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The mango cake is an emblematic dessert from the Philippines and has its origins in the late 19th century. The classic Mango cake is made with the “Manila mango” or “Philippine mango”, which is a variety of mango that is particularly sweet. Mangoes of this variety are golden yellow when ripe and their buttery flesh is not fibrous.

Created with Tegral Sponge, Topfil Smooth Mango 35%, Cremyvit Classic and Ambiante, we have been able to recreate this classic whilst preserving its great taste. 


The same core ingredients utilized in crafting the classic mango cake can be repurposed to create a refreshing alternative: the Mango Milkshake. By mixing Ambiante with Topfil Smooth Mango 35% and some crushed ice, you can surprise your customers with a milkshake that tastes like summer in a glass.


By using ingredients like Tegral Satin Cream Cake Sugar Reduced, Cremyvit , Ambiante, and Topfil Smooth Mango 35%, you can seamlessly reduce sugar content while ensuring great overall taste and texture. These high-quality ingredients not only elevate the nutritional profile of your creations but also ensure a delicious cake with an authentic mango burst. Your customers will relish this tasty yet health-conscious treat, demonstrating your commitment to creating remarkable patisserie that answers to their evolving preferences.

THE SUSTAINABLE STORY: Sustainable Mango Cake

Imagine presenting your discerning customers with a Mango Cake that not only tastes good, but also aligns with their values. By incorporating innovative, plant-based ingredients like  Ambiante, and Topfil Smooth Mango 35%, you can craft a Mango Cake that's not only delicious but also environmentally responsible. These high-quality plant-based products allow you to reduce the carbon footprint of your creations while preserving the great taste of the classic Mango Cake. Show your customers that you're committed to crafting patisserie that not only satisfy their cravings but also contribute to a more sustainable future. 


Use Puratos solutions to ensure consistent good taste, texture and quality that will meet consumer expectations.  

Topfil Smooth Mango

Topfil Smooth Mango

Topfil Smooth Mango 35% is a ready to use premium fruit topping that contains 35% real Philippine Carabao Mangoes. You can use it as a pastry or cake topping because of its bake and freeze stability. Now, your consumers can enjoy the authentic flavor of real fruit topping on your creations.



Decorate your cakes and pastry items with a non-dairy whipping cream that’s convenient, versatile, and stable.

Tegral Satin Creme Cake

Tegral Satin Creme Cake

Tegral Satin Creme Cake is a ready-to-use cake mix that lets you make delicious cream cakes with only 4 ingredients. All you need to add are: eggs, oil, and water to make any creme cake recipe you want!