Ube Mango Medley




  • In a mixer, using a paddle attachment, mix all the ingredients for 3 minutes or until homogenous. Transfer to a 12x16 pan Bake for 25 minutes at 180C or until cake test is done.

To assemble: Cut the cake with a 4-inch cutter. Fill with mango filling and ube Chantilly cream. Crumb coat the cake with ube Chantilly cream. Wrap the chocolate belt around the cake. Pipe peaks of whip cream on top of the cake. Fill with mango filling. Decorate with dried flowers.

Ube Mango Medley

Complexity level:  

Indulge on this delectable rendition of ube cake that is elevated to greater heights with the addition of layers of Topfil Smooth Mango. Topfil Smooth Mango is composed of 35% real Philippine Carabao Mango, skillfully combined with Tegral Satin Cream cake sugar-reduced and Festipak unsweetened whipping cream. Take pleasure in this wholesome ube cake that harmoniously blends health-consciousness with unwavering flavor.


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