Festipak is our unsweetened multipurpose non-dairy topping.

  • Unsweetened UHT non-dairy topping
  • Excellent for sugar reduction in your applications
  • Versatile, can be used for whipping & cooking
  • Yield of 3.5 times its original volume

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Consumers expect less sugars in their food, also in patisserie*. Therefore Puratos developed Festipak, an unsweetened non-dairy topping.

Festipak is perfectly whippable & has an excellent resistance to heat. It is therefore uniquely versatile as it is perfectly suitable for use in patisserie as well as savory applications.

This provides you with endless application possibilities from ganache to a savory sauce.

Customer advantages
  • Easy to store & transport: can be stored & transported at room temperature (max 20°C/68°F) for up to 9 months thanks to its UHT technology
  • Yield of 3.5 times its original volume
  • Excellent heat resistance for savory applications
  • Nutrition: unsweetened, no preservatives, trans fat-free, cholesterol-free, GMO-free
Consumer advantages
  • Great desserts with less sugar but full of taste

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