Classic Mango Cake




  • In a mixing bowl with a paddle attachment, mix all ingredients together for 5 min. medium speed. 
  • Spread onto a silicon mat at 5mm and bake.
  • Mix the Cremyvit and water together at high speed for five minutes in a mixing bowl with a whisk attachment. 
  • Allow to rest for a few minutes before mixing again to break the gellification by hand.
  • Whip the Montamix until you get stiff peaks of whipped cream and add to the Cremyvit mixture.
  • Scoop the Topfil Smooth Mango into a piping bag and pipe in between and on top of the layer cake and cream. 
  • In the mixing bowl with a whisk attachment, whip the Ambiante to a stiff peak
  • Cut 3 discs of 18cm diameter of Mango cake, pipe in between each 120 grams of diplomate cream and 80 grams of Topfil Smooth Mango. 
  • Finish with the whipped Ambiante and a layer of  Topfil Smooth Mango on top.

Classic Mango Cake

The mango cake is an emblematic dessert from the Philippines and has its origins in the late 19th century. The classic Mango cake is made with the “Manila mango” or “Philippine mango”, which is a variety of mango that is particularly sweet. Mangoes of this variety are golden yellow when ripe and their buttery flesh is not fibrous. Created with Tegral Sponge, Classic Mango, Cremyvit Classic and Ambiante, we have been able to recreate this classic whilst preserving its great taste.


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