Paris Brest Mango


Laminated Pastry
Bread Flour 1000
Sugar 80
S500 Acti-Plus 8
Salt 20
Butter 60
Cold Water 550
Milk Powder 50
Bruggeman Instant Yeast 15
Aristo Primeur Croissant 500 (for lamination)
Laminated Pastry total 2283
Vivafil 100 Mango
Chantypak 200 Whipped
Cremyvit 100 Custard
Fresh Milk 250
Filling/Decoration total 650

Working Method

Laminated Pastry
  • Mix all ingredients until gluten is 80% developed.
  • Freeze the dough for 30-45 minutes.
  • Lamination - Give 1x double fold and 1x single fold. Cool and rest inside the chiller for 30 to 45minutes.
  • Colored dough- Prepare a 425g dough mix with 2 grams of Green food color.
  • Place the colored dough on top then roll out.
  • Cut into desired size. Recommended : 60 grams.
  • Final fermentation : 45-60 minutes.
  • Oven temp 180°C. Bake for19 minutes in a convection oven with initial steam.
  • Before baking, brush with Sunset Glaze – a ready to use egg wash alternative that gives excellent shine and to breads.


Special Instructions:

  • After baking, slightly brush with sugar syrup then slice and pipe filling.


Recipe of Sugar syrup

  • Mix sugar 200g, water 200g, vanilla 2 drops

Final Décor :
  • Brush with melted Carat Coverlux White Compound Chocolate then sprinkle with chopped dried mangoes.

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