Vanocka Bread



•Mix the ingredients using hook attachment, 3 mins. slow then 8 mins. high speed or until we reach the window pane. Add Belcolade Grains until properly  incorporated.

•Rest for 30 mins.

•Cut into 150gms roll into a ball.

•Rest for 15 mins.

•Flat and fill with Deli Cheesecake, Vivafil Strawberry and Vivafil Blueberry alternately each strand.

•Braid 4 pcs of the dough.

•Rest for about 45 mins.

•Brush with Sunset Glaze.

•Bake for 23-28 mins at 180°C

Vanocka Bread

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Vánočka is a traditional Christmas bread in Czech Republic and Slovakia made from a rich dough of butter and eggs.


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