S500 Acti-Plus

Premium complete bread improver for all types of breads.

  • A multi-purpose improver based on unique emulsifier and enzyme systems directly produced by Puratos
  • Developed to improve product performance including volume, crust, crumb structure, shape and score/shred
  • Formulated to avoid variations

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Customer advantages
  • Absolute peace of mind: S500 shows its supremacy when bakery conditions go bad!
  • Guarantees constant & premium product quality: S500 provides outstanding volume & regular shape to baked productsA unique versatility
  • Adapted for any kind of process: direct, retarded fermentation, long fermentation, short freezing, …
  • Applicable in any yeast raised product: crusty & soft rolls, white & wholemeal breads, croissants, …
  • Adapted for all flour qualities
Consumer advantages
  • Improved freshness of baked products

Premium complete bread improver for all types of breads. S-500 Acti-Plus contains premium quality dough strengthener, dough conditioner, anti-mold and freshness agents. Promotes excellent dough handling properties, excellent fermentation tolerance and fine-textured baked products with good volume, and extended shelf-life.Usage: 0.8%

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A good quality economic bread improver for fast selling breads that gives your bread a nice texture and volume

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