Micram Multi Benefits

Highly efficient special fat for bread application.

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Customer advantages
  • Convenience
  • Peace of mind
Consumer advantages
  • Convenience
  • Peace of mind

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Aristo Primeur Croissant

100% vegetable fat with refined taste and enhance flavour for croissant danish pastry and puff pastry.

Puratos White Shortening

White shortening is a bland in odour and taste produce from from fully refined palm oil & palm stearin under

Calcium Propionate

Mold inhibitor in yeast-raised bakery products.

Shelf Life Extender

For use in baking flour and dough conditioners which can be used alone or with other baking enzymes to improve the baking performance of the flour, increase volume and extend shelf-life.

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Center For Bread Flavour

Located in St. Vith, Belgium, the Center For Bread Flavour gives customers, scientists and Puratos employees the chance to share their passion for bread and best practice in achieving perfect flavours. It is also home to our famous Sourdough Library.

Center For Bread Flavour

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