Sunset Glaze

Brilliant shine, no hassle!

Sunset Glaze is the perfect solution to meet the trending consumer need for visually appealing products. This plant-based glaze gives your finished goods an outstanding shine and color that is sure to catch the eye of your customers. Plus, it's easy to clean, simplifying your production process. Sunset Glaze is a versatile option that works on a variety of products, making it an excellent choice for any application. Choose Sunset Glaze to enhance the visual appeal of your products and to make them look fresher and more indulgent.

Why choosing sunset glaze as egg wash alternative?

Consumers consider visually pleasing food as more delicious

Sunset Glaze is the perfect finishing touch! Its brilliant glaze finish enhances the visual appeal of your baked goods, meeting consumer demands for eye-appealing food.

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Sunset Glaze shines in cleanability

When it comes to food production environments, hygiene is essential, and that's where Sunset Glaze shines. It is easy to clean, effortlessly removing residue from pans and machines. This allows you to save valuable time and reduce costs, and to focus on what really matters: producing high-quality food products that your customers will love.

59% lower environmental impact

A study showed that the environmental impact of Sunset Glaze is 59% lower compared to pasteurized eggs.

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Up to 10% extra yield

Glazing your products with Sunset Glaze allows you to mitigate production costs and stabilize them, as egg prices are more volatile. A recent study has proven that glazing products with Sunset Glaze can bring an extra 10% yield.

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No egg-associated risks

The number of allergens in the production area is reduced, and any food safety risk due to microbiological contamination decreases significantly.
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Clean label and unsweetened

Sunset Glaze is clean label with no preservatives, dairy, eggs, or GMOs. Additionally, it's unsweetened, making it suitable as a glaze for all kinds of applications, including savory products like hamburger buns or sausage rolls.

an unsweetend glaze suitable for different applications

Hamburger bun

Hamburger bun

Sweet bread

Sweet bread

Laminated pastry

Laminated pastry

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Top off your baked goods with 20 years of glaze mastery

Its brilliant glaze enhances the visual appeal & quality perception.

Remove effortlessly the residue in your production environment.

Make a positive impact on your business and the planet.

Discover our Sunset Glaze range

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Reduce environmental footprint

The environmental impact of Sunset Glaze is 59% lower compared to eggs.

Mitigate production cost

Sunset Glaze eliminates the instability of production cost and brings 10% extra yield.