Research wherever consumers are located

At Puratos, we know that consumers are very specific about what they eat, and that their preferences are constantly evolving, even at a local level.

But keeping up with these changes in taste can be a difficult task, let alone translating them into business opportunities. To provide our customers with insights on how consumers evaluate their products, we set up our unique sensory analysis service. Then we went one step further and launched the Sensobus.

A mobile sensory solution

The Sensobus is a unique and fully-equipped sensory analysis lab on wheels that can travel to where consumers shop for food and welcome up to 250 people a day. Targeting customers – and finding out their preferences – has never been easier. 

The Sensobus also allows to test pricing, marketing and communication concepts. What type of packaging do consumers prefer, what increases their brand perception, what information do they need and consider to make a choice? In just a few days of fieldwork, a representative sample can be collected right at the heart of a relevant target audience.

Informing product development

Once on board the Sensobus, volunteers are seated at one of the eight sensory booths and presented with a selection of bakery, patisserie or chocolate products (depending on the survey performed). There, researchers then ask them a variety of questions about their preferences, generating feedback that can immediately – and precisely – help our customers with their product development.

Whether in North America or Europe, this makes for a fast and easy way to get right to the heart of your customers’ preferences.

In addition, 10 years of expertise in consumer research allow to benchmark results against an industry average within the survey category and region.

Full range at your disposal

A full range of mobile consumer sensory analysis solutions are available across the globe. Sensobuses are active in Europe and the United States and the Sensovan drives across Iberica. In Asia-Pacific there are 3 Sensoboxes, which are mobile labs in the form of fair booths that can be installed in shopping malls or at any other location. At this moment one Sensobox is located in China, one in Malaysia to support South-East Asia and one is shared between New-Zealand and Australia.

It is traditional research done in a contemporary way.

To find out more about your nearest Sensobus or Sensobox, please contact your Puratos representative.