Shaping a More Sustainable Tomorrow with Puratos Ingredients

17 Feb 2024


At Puratos, we believe in the transformative power of food innovation for the greater good. Beyond crafting extraordinary ingredients, our purpose is to innovate for good—promoting health, enhancing well-being, and contributing to a better planet.

Whether you're running a small artisanal bakery, managing a bakery chain, or overseeing a large-scale production facility, we understand your unique challenges, and that's why we've curated a range of sustainable food ingredients designed to minimize environmental impact and boost the quality of your products.

Understanding Life-Cycle Assessments (LCA)

Understanding Life-Cycle Assessments (LCA) Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our Life-Cycle Assessments (LCA) initiative, analyzing the environmental impact of our products, recipes, and solutions. This initiative aids our customers in accelerating their sustainability goals, making informed choices, and advancing towards a greener future. Life-Cycle Assessment measures the environmental impact of a product from sourcing raw materials to end-of-life disposal. This detailed analysis provides crucial information for growers, manufacturers, and consumers, fostering environmentally-conscious decisions.

Discover Our Product Offering With Low Environmental Footprint

Explore our range of sustainable food ingredients, each contributing to a more eco-friendly future:

Sunset Glaze: Elevate Your Products Sustainably

Transform your creations with Sunset Glaze, the innovative sterile egg-wash alternative. Crafted with UHT technology, this solution reduces allergens in your production area, minimizing health risks associated with microbiological contamination. Enjoy exceptional shine and color without compromise—put safety and taste at the forefront of your creations.

Environmental Impact Metrics: Sunset Glaze boasts a 59% lower environmental impact than pasteurized eggs.

Ambiante: Whippable Topping, Sustainable Decorations

Put sustainability at the heart of your cake decorations with Ambiante, the 100% plant-based whippable topping. Achieve flawless, long-lasting decorations without cracks. Smooth, easy to spread, and devoid of air bubbles, Ambiante is your canvas for stunning visual appeal.

Environmental Impact Metrics: Ambiante has a 2.5 times lower environmental impact than dairy cream.

Innovative Recipes For a More Sustainable Tomorrow

In harmony with our dedication to sustainable ingredients, Puratos introduces groundbreaking recipes that redefine the benchmarks of eco-friendly baking. Our Toast Bread recipe goes beyond waste reduction; it significantly minimizes its environmental footprint. This solution achieves up to a 50% reduction in waste compared to traditional recipes while prolonging the shelf life of your toast, actively contributing to a more sustainable baking industry. The Life-Cycle Assessment-Product Environmental Footprint (LCA-PEF) analysis indicates that for every 100 tons of toast bread produced using our recipe, the environmental impact is equivalent to planting 434 trees.

Furthermore, our French Brioche Loaf recipe stands out as a breakthrough in reducing the environmental footprint, slashing waste by up to 50% compared to conventional recipes. This innovative approach not only benefits the environment but also empowers food manufacturers, offering a transformative solution for those committed to making a positive impact on the world. The LCA-PEF methodology reveals that for every 100 tons of brioche produced with our recipe, customers can reduce their environmental impact by the equivalent of planting 2.224 trees. These recipes are adaptable, catering to artisanal bakers, bakery chains, and large-scale industrial food manufacturers, ensuring a widespread positive influence on the planet. Elevate your creations with our recipes, contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow.

With so many reasons to innovate, let's unite and create a positive impact on the world. Together, we can do good and move the planet forward.