Puratos Philippines: Committed to a Sustainable Future

28 Sep 2023


The Philippines is an abundant source of natural resources, and our critical responsibility is to ensure care for it. Food, lifestyle, and ethics remain closely linked as more and more consumers support companies that continuously look for ways to do good for the planet and its people. At Puratos Philippines, we commit to providing sustainable ingredients and solutions to our customers, partners, employees, and the planet.

Carbon-Neutral Plant Certified for PPI

Carbon-neutrality certification confirms that Puratos Philippines is on the right track towards achieving both local and the group's ambitious efforts to achieve sustainable goals. Carbon emissions are the most significant contributor to climate change, and we take on the challenge of balancing the carbon we produce and how we can reduce it.

    As we reduce carbon emissions, we converted our production plant to renewable energy, an extremely vital point in achieving carbon neutrality, in partnership with Bac-Man Geothermal Inc.
      To ensure a reduction in carbon emission, we have replaced our diesel boiler with an electric boiler. Converting to carbon neutrality is one major step towards our sustainable goals.

Transforming the Philippines' sweetest mangoes into the best tasting Topfil Smooth Mango

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the sweetest mangoes are from the Philippines.

    Succulent, meaty, sweet, and deliciously tempting are some words to describe "the golden fruit of the Philippines."

    To preserve the authentic color and taste in our Topfil Smooth Mango, we immediately process directly from harvest and pasteurize. These two steps guarantee premium tasting-filling that includes no artificial flavor and no artificial color.
      We have partnered with mango farmers nationwide to ensure transparent sourcing and responsible farming. Topfil Smooth Mango's distinctive profile contains the natural sweetness of the Philippine mangoes and provides "more fruit, less of the rest."
        Thanks to its natural sweetness, less sugar needs to be added. Take your clients on a gastronomic mango experience through cakes, pastries, donuts, laminated goods, and even drink applications!

Next Sustainability Steps for the Next Generation

    Achieving sustainability is a constant initiative that requires multiple programs and a group of individuals driven by the same goal – A sustainable future.
      The Philippines is the third-largest contributor to plastic waste worldwide. We recently launched the "Waste Segregation Program," which redefines simple plastic recovery. We have enacted to recover plastic through the collaborative efforts of employees, operators, and a third-party plastic recovery organization. The "Plastic Bottle Battle" initiative keeps employees excited and engaged in helping segregate plastic bottles, which are weekly remitted and then turned over to our third-party partner. Through this effort, we are also converting our packaging into more sustainable and recyclable materials. We partnered with GreenAntz, a local circular economy and innovation group, to recover plastic as part of the ERP program launched by the national government.
        In alignment with the group's "Purimpact," we continuously work with our suppliers and customers in a circular narrative to promote sustainability efforts. Highly appreciative customers confirmed that with the sustainable goals in action, we had inspired them to take part in initiating their own sustainability goals.
          For our cacao farmers in Davao, we have celebrated the first Cacao Fiesta, acknowledging their hard work and perseverance to master the fermentation of cacao beans.
            Our employees continuously experience economic growth and enjoy the recently announced improvement in medical benefits.

    For a Better Life, exciting times are ahead for Bakery School Philippines (BSP) Batch 1 scholars to complete their curriculum and will be graduating in August 2023. Clients from different parts of the food industry partnered with us to offer an opportunity to have the scholar as a skilled baker or pâtissier on board.
      While BSP Batch 2 is busy learning the techniques of kneading and baking, we have recently opened Batch 3 for new aspiring students.

We at Puratos Philippines commit to acting now, acting ahead, and acting together for a better and sustainable future.