Puratos offers the best of nature to create a sustainable impact

2 Apr 2021

As a responsible food company with a commitment to having a positive impact on the health and well-being of society and the environment, Puratos actively promotes sustainability throughout the entire value chain. We aim to provide products and solutions with the best nutritional value possible that are both good for people and the planet.

In response to a growing consumer concern for animal welfare and demand for plant-based alternatives identified by TasteTomorrow survey, bakers increasingly source more sustainable products in an effort to reduce their environmental impact. In this context, Puratos has introduced the Plant Forward initiative. Plant Forward inspires our customers to create delicious baked goods by replacing eggs, butter and other dairy ingredients with plant-based alternatives so that customers and consumers can experience the joy of doing good without compromising on taste, texture, quality or safety. 

A plant-based egg wash alternative

Aligned with its Plant Forward initiative, Puratos is proud to present Sunset Glaze, an egg-wash alternative that uses UHT preservative-free technology. Sunset Glaze delivers the shine and colour of eggs without any of the egg-associated risks of allergens in the production area or potential microbiological contamination. Unsweetened, it can be used in savoury or sweet bakes. With all the benefits of eggs in terms of bake finish, Sunset Glaze can be easily diluted, doesn’t stick to packaging and is safe and hygienic. Not only is Sunset Glaze suitable for egg-free and vegan diets, but Puratos detailed analysis shows that it’s also more environmentally friendly than eggs. 

Assessing the environmental impact

To assess and analyse precisely and objectively the environmental footprint of Sunset Glaze in comparison to that of eggs, Puratos entrusted a detailed study to an external third party, the company Yukan, specialising in analysis of the environmental performance of products. This study was carried out using the PEF method (Product Environmental Footprint), designed and adopted by the EC as the reference method. The PEF method defines the environmental footprint of products through the measurement of 16 impact categories, including climate change, water scarcity, land use, and numerous other aspects, covering all the main impacts of human activity on the planet, through all the stages of the product life cycle, from raw materials to end of life.

This PEF method allows a score to be calculated that is expressed in micro points, making it possible to objectively and rigorously compare the impact made by products within the same category.

Data has been gathered from the entire value chain of Sunset Glaze, from sourcing of raw materials, to processing, packaging, transport, usage by customers, and finally to the product’s end of life. All these specific activity data were introduced into the PEF analysis to calculate the Sunset Glaze score, precisely measuring its overall impact and comparing it to that of eggs, using the same PEF method. Such a rigorous approach has led to significant and robust conclusions.

More environmentally friendly

The global environmental impact of Sunset Glaze and pasteurized eggs, calculated with the Glimpact technology and based on the PEF method, are presented in the graph below:

The Sunset Glaze product environmental impact is 59% lower than that of pasteurized eggs.

Key contributing factors to this more favourable overall performance are:

  • CO2 emission (climate change) : 1,1 kg CO2/kg of Sunset Glaze vs. 2,3 kg CO2/kg of pasteurized eggs. Sunset Glaze has less than half the impact of pasteurized eggs for this indicator.
  • Land use per kilogram of product : 315,5 units for Sunset Glaze  vs. 433,4 units for pasteurized eggs, which represents 37% more land used per kg of eggs produced.

As companies and consumers increasingly look to make the planet a more sustainable place to live, there is a growing shift to plant-based products that can significantly reduce overall environmental impact including emissions of greenhouse gases. The greater positive environmental performance of Sunset Glaze compared to eggs provides customers with a more sustainable solution for tasty, golden bakes while also improving food safety, convenience and performance.