Improve the quality perception of your baked goods: add glaze

3 Apr 2023

Consumer Insights

A shiny glaze on your baked goods has a big impact on the product’s appearance. Even better: a recent survey revealed that glazing can improve the overall appeal and quality perception of a product.


In a survey conducted by Puratos USA we asked consumers to choose between various glazed and non-glazed baked goods. The result? A staggering majority of consumers favoured the glazed items. This conclusion might sound obvious when applied to products that are generally glazed, like croissants. However, this also turned out to be the case with products that are less likely to be sold glazed, like apple strudels or pies.

Upon examining consumers’ motivations more deeply, it became clear that they prefer the glazed items because they like the colour better, they think the shine makes the baked goods look more fresh and they find the products more appetising. This offers a splendid opportunity for bakers and retailers, as a glaze will improve the total quality perception of a product and will therefore influence consumers’ purchasing intention even more significantly.

The percentages show the number of consumers that prefer glazed items above non-glazed items.


Eating with the eyes

Consumer research within our Taste Tomorrow program has shown that taste is still a top priority for consumers when it comes to food. Yet we see that appearance is becoming as important as taste. 59% of consumers agree that food that looks good on the eyes is tasty, too. The research highlights the importance of visual presentation in the food industry, as it can impact the success of food products. It is essential for food manufacturers and restaurants to prioritize the visual appeal of their products to meet consumer demands.


Top off your baked goods with 20 years of glaze mastery

The finished goods that were shown to the participants in the survey were all glazed with Puratos’ Sunset Glaze. This plant-based glaze gives your finished goods an outstanding, brilliant shine and golden color. Plus, it's easy to clean, simplifying your production process. Sunset Glaze is a versatile option that works on a variety of products, making it an excellent choice for any application. Sunset Glaze enhances the visual appeal of your products and to make them look fresher and more indulgent.

Discover how Sunset Glaze can make your baked goods even more appealing: