Bakery School Philippines Holds Its First Graduation Ceremony

25 Aug 2023



Bakery School Philippines Holds Its First Graduation Ceremony

August 25, 2023 marked the end of an educational journey, a celebration of hard work, dedication, and achievements, and the beginning of a new chapter for our newly minted Bakers and Pastry Chefs.

    It was a bright and sunny Friday morning at the Consuelo Chito Madrigal Foundation compound in Payatas, Quezon City when the very first graduates of Bakery School Philippines proudly marched down the aisle, to the delight of their parents and relatives, to receive their certificates and toques.

The event was made more special with the presence of representatives from the Puratos Group, Puratos Philippines and CCMF. Ms. Corito Bautista, CCMF Executive Director, opened the program to welcome everyone and spoke about the commendable partnership between CCMF and Puratos which has led to this rewarding day. Mr. Cedric Van Belle, Chairman of Puratos Group, came all the way from Belgium to congratulate the scholars and express his gratitude to the Bakery School team and to all those who have made this milestone possible. This was his very first visit to the Philippines and was undoubtedly a memorable one. Our Bakery School Manager, Ms. Jole Segers, was also present and gave words of encouragement to our graduates.

The awarding of certificates and toques were led by Mr. Bernard Poplimont, President & Managing Director of Puratos Philippines, Ms. Michelle Tangonan, BSP President and Chef Kat Pascual, BSP Head Instructor and Program Coordinator. Mr. Pierre Tossut, CEO of Puratos Group, participated in handing out the special awards to our outstanding graduates.

As part of the program our guest speaker and a fitting representative of the baking industry, cake artist extraordinaire Chef Penk Ching, gave an inspirational message to the graduates while Ms. Karyll Manlapaz, graduating with high honors, represented the graduating class by giving a tearful speech dedicated to their parents and their chef instructors. To close the program, Mr. Poplimont gave the final message congratulating the graduates and thanking the BSP team for their dedication and passion to carry out the Bakery School’s mission. A sumptuous lunch was served to celebrate the occasion.

Our congratulations to the graduating Class of 2023! May you always carry with you the confidence and discipline your mentors have instilled in you. Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Be bold, be courageous, be your best! We are proud of you!

    Bakery School Philippines is fully funded by the Puratos Group’s Bakery School Foundation, offering a two-year scholarship with the aim to provide better opportunities for underprivileged youth and produce skilled bakers to uplift the baking industry in the country. To-date there are eleven Bakery Schools worldwide with the intention of opening more schools in the years to come.