Soft Roll

Puratos ingredients to create Soft Roll

S500 Acti-Plus

Premium complete bread improver for all types of breads.

Tegral Soft'r Bread

A complete bread mix for the easy preparation of soft, premium type of breads


Cremyvit is a complete mix for cold preparation of bake and freeze stable custard cream

Easy Ensaymada Lite

Easy Ensaymada Lite is a 10% bread concentrate for easy preparation of sweet dough breads

Sensopan Crust

Bread flavour to achieve pugon-baked breads

Soft'r Cotton Acti-Plus

Premium quality bread improver that acts as dough conditioner, dough strengthener for the production of soft breads. It will help to achieve good texture and volume of the bread.

S500 Ultra

An all-purpose improver; providing dough tolerance and volume for all types of bread applications.

Tigris Max

A good quality economic bread improver for fast selling breads that gives your bread a nice texture and volume