Carat Ganache

Ready to use chocolate ganache. Perfect for filling & enrobing.

  • High quality chocolate ganache made from premium quality compound chocolates
  • Convenient to use - straight from the pail
  • No special tricks needed

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Customer advantages
  • Ready to use
  • Saves more time
  • Chocolate taste guaranteed
Consumer advantages
  • Good tasting product
  • Smooth mouthfeel cake filling

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Vivafil Mango Sugar Reduced is the new generation of fruit fillings, lets you create sugar reduced product of your dreams. Whatever the production process, Vivafil stays right where you want it, while also keeping its fresh appearance and natural fruit taste.

Carat Coverlux Milk

Compound chocolate coating based on vegetable fats with medium viscosity for enrobing and molding application in droplets form.


Cost efficient non dairy cream with great taste perfect for ganache and even milk teas!

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