Puratos Philippines Hosts Chairman Cedric Van Belle and CEO Pierre Tossut

Puratos Philippines, a leading innovator in the baking and pastry industry, recently welcomed Chairman Cedric Van Belle and CEO Pierre Tossut for a visit to their local headquarters in Taguig City. The visit served as an opportunity to evaluate the company’s growth and development, meet the team, and discuss how Puratos headquarters could help support the expansion of the Philippine operations.

During their visit, Chairman Cedric Van Belle and CEO Pierre Tossut conducted a series of meetings with Puratos Philippines’ leadership team and conducted a tour of the manufacturing plant. Both executive leaders were impressed by the company’s progress and commended the dedication and commitment of the staff.

"I am amazed to see how Puratos Philippines has grown over the years and how it continues to be a valuable contributor to the Puratos global network. The Philippines is an essential market for Puratos, and we are committed to supporting its growth. We also recognize the hard work of the management team and employees." remarked Chairman Cedric Van Belle.

CEO Pierre Tossut shared, "I was delighted to meet the employees and see their passion for the work they do. I witnessed their commitment and dedication, which are valuable assets to any organization. It is humbling to know that we have such an exceptional team of people in Puratos Philippines."

In keeping with the company's commitment to customer-centricity, Chairman Cedric Van Belle and CEO Pierre Tossut personally visited selected clients to gain insights into their needs and expectations. This enabled Puratos to understand how to serve them better, improve customer satisfaction, and foster a mutually beneficial partnership.

Adding a sweet ending to this trip, the Chairman, CEO, and Philippine leadership team had the honor of attending the graduation ceremony of the first batch of bakery school students. This further reinforces Puratos' dedication to supporting and nurturing the development of future generations of bakers and pastry chefs in the Philippines.

The visit of Chairman Cedric Van Belle and CEO Pierre Tossut to Puratos Philippines emphasized the commitment of Puratos headquarters to provide support and resources needed to sustain the company’s growth. It also highlighted the importance of engaging and nurturing employees to ensure that the company can continue to innovate and deliver excellent products and services to the market.

Puratos Philippines is poised to continue its growth trajectory and this visit is a testament to the company’s dedication to delivering quality products and services to the Philippine market and beyond.